Take part on our user survey!

Take part on our user survey!

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First EFEHR webinar & General Assembly meeting

On Thursday 10th September the EFEHR Consortium successfully hosted its first scientific webinar on the European seismic hazard and risk models (ESHM20 and ESRM20), as well as its first General Assembly meeting. The webinar was attended by almost 150 participants and started with an introductory presentation by the Chair of the EFEHR Consortium, Fabrice Cotton, followed by summary presentations on ESHM20 (by Laurentiu Danciu, EFEHR Secretary) and ESRM20 (by Helen Crowley, EFEHR ExeCom member). The slides from the webinar are now available to download from the following links:

If you have any feedback or comments that you would like to share with the teams working on these models, please share them through this Google form.

We plan to summarise all of the comments received and prepare a general response to be shared with the community. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated and obtain further information of the 2020 European Hazard and Risk Models.

The first General Assembly of the EFEHR Consortium led to the approval of an additional 8 new voting members to the Consortium, and important discussions and decisions related to the EFEHR data policy and the activities of the EFEHR Consortium over the next 12 months. It was agreed that the EFEHR Consortium should promote the use of Creative Commons Attribution licenses (CC-BY 4.0) amongst the community of data providers for the European seismic hazard and risk models. There was also an agreement that the Consortium, and its Executive Committee, should focus over the coming months on releasing ESHM20 and ESRM20 and developing the associated services that will provide access to the products of these models, as well as the individual components and all of the input files and associated documentation. Subsequently, focus will be shifted towards the resources and services needed for future research and development of these models.


Sign up for the webinar!

Sign up for the webinar!

The webinar "2020 European Seismic Hazard and Risk Models: Current Status and Next Steps towards the Final Release" takes place on 10 September 2020 (9:00 – 12:00).

Would you like to join the webinar? Register here – limited spaces available!


Join the EFEHR LinkedIn Group

Join the EFEHR LinkedIn Group

We are happy to announce that we recently created an EFEHR LinkedIn group! Therein, we can discuss together about the various topics related to EFEHR. We are looking forward to interesting conversations, fruitful discussions and further inputs!


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