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EFEHR aims to operate by 2019 six coordinated services for earthquake hazard and risk with a European dimension. The Swiss Seismological Service at ETH Zurich is responsible for the connection among the six partners.

EFEHR - Hazard Platform

Hosted at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
This is the gateway to scientifically credible seismic hazard models, related data, software and expertise relevant for assessing seismic hazard and risk in Europe. Web services and an interactive portal provide access to hazard maps, hazard curves and uniform hazard spectra of the European seismic hazard model.
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European Geotechnical Engineering Information

Hosted at AUTH Thessaloniki, Greece
This service facilitates the access to geotechnical and geological site-conditions databases for Europe. Activities include collecting and harmonizing national and regional databases, providing data standards, and building up web services to access the data.

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Strong Motion Recordings in Buildings

Initiated by KOERI Istanbul, Turkey
The main focus of this measurement and monitoring service is collecting and analysing weak and strong motion data recorded in buildings. Such data and information are critical to compute engineering demand parameters and to evaluate structural conditions.

European Database of Seismogenic Faults

Operated by INGV Rome, Italy
This platform provides data, information and web services to access latest fault information through maintaining, reviewing and updating a central database.
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European Ground Shaking Models

Operated by GFZ  Potsdam, Germany
This service maintains and updates region-specific ground motion characteristic models and provides access to up-to-date ground motion prediction equations valid for use in European seismic hazard assessment. Main research activities include development of new ground motion models, calibration and validation of models against strong motion data and integration of new intensity measures needed for engineering applications.

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Earthquake Risk

Coordinated by EUCENTRE Pavia, Italy
The main activities of this service include the collection and maintenance of exposure datasets, development and calibration of vulnerability and fragility functions for various building typologies and definition of seismic risk framework specific to various applications. Another key activity is to ensure that all EFEHR services and activities are well coordinated between the seismic hazard and earthquake engineering communities.

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Strong Motion Recordings in Buildings


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