European Seismic Hazard Model 2020 (ESHM20):
Peer Review Meetings

Within the Joint Research Activities of the Horizon 2020-funded project SERA, the updates of the 2013 European Seismic Hazard Model (ESHM13) is ongoing. The updated model is due in 2020 and it will serve to two purposes: an informative reference seismic hazard model for Eurocode Code 8 (CEN-EC8), and for the seismic risk model of Europe. The ESHM20 follows the same principles as the ESHM13, withstate-of-the art procedures homogeneously applied for the entire pan-European region, without the country-borders issues.

To review the main elements of the ESHM20, two-day meetings will be organized in Lisbon- Portugal, Potsdam – Germany, Athens -Greece and Pavia-Italy. The main aim of these workshops will be to obtain feedback on the ESHM20 model, such that it can be updated and finally released in April 2020. The dates of the review meetings are the following:

  • Lisbon: June, 6th to 7thwith focus on Iberia, France, Italy, UK, and Iceland 
  • Potsdam, June 12th to 13th, with focus on Central Europe and Scandinavia
  • Athens, July 2nd to 3rd, with focus on the Balkans, south-eastern Europe and Turkey
  • Pavia, October 14thjoint meeting SERA-JRA3 and CEN-SC8 Committee

Agenda: The SERA-JRA3 hazard team will present the latest research and provide critical updates on data compilation, curation and harmonization, development of the seismogenic sources, ground motion models, model implementation, outputs and results spanning across Europe without limitations of the country boundaries. Please visit this page often for schedule updates, which typically occur within one week before the meeting.


Registration: Everyone who attends, including invited reviewers, must register in advance of the meeting. To register for the Peer Review Meeting (ARM), complete and submit the online registration form. Registration will be open until we reach the capacity of the workshop (after which you will be added to a waiting list).


Who should attend? 

Seismologists, hazard modelers, engineers, national representatives of the civil protection, liaisons of the seismic design codes. Register with the form right on this page.