ESHM20 – Unified Earthquake Catalogue

Earthquakes in EPICA

Earthquakes in EPICA by magnitude value and type, which reflects the typology and reliability of supporting data.

EMEC Catalogue 1900-2014

The complete EMEC catalogue for the period 1900 – 2014 

The ESHM20 unified earthquake catalogue consists of two parts: 

  • the so-called “instrumental” catalogue (after 1900) based on the updated European-Mediterranean Earthquake Catalogue (EMEC,  Grünthal, G., Wahlström, et al.2012),
  • the European PreInstrumental Earthquake Catalogue EPICA (Rovida and Antonucci, 2021;) earthquake catalogue (between the years 1000 CE and 1899).

The ESHM20 unified earthquake catalogue is open for access and feature additional information: a) completing information for each event, and b) declustering information for each event.


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