EMME14 Hazard Computation Input

The seismic hazard for the EMME region was computed using OpenQuake (Pagani et al 2014). The use of OpenQuake implies the definition of the input files in a standard file format: the Natural hazards and Risk Mark-up Language (NRML). The EMME source models consists of various source representation, including point, area, simple and complex faults, all parameterized according to the OpenQuake Manual (available here). Please consult the OpenQuake Manual for further information related to the input source file. Note that the following files were prepared for OpenQuake (version v1.5).

OpenQuake-engine input files for EMME14  

The following files are in the package to download: 

General Files:

  1. License Files: license_emme_model_2016.txt 
  2. Short description fo the files and contact points: read_me_oq_input_files.txt ; 

Configuration Files for Hazard Calculation:

  1. Configuration file for hazard calculation: comp_settings_full_logic_tree.ini
  2. List of sites for hazard calculation: emme_comp_sites_ver02.csv

NRML files:

  1. Area source model: as_model_emme_2015.xml
  2. Fault and background seismicity: fs_model_emme_2015.xml
  3. Ground motion logic tree: gmpe_logic_tree.xml
  4. Source model logic-tree: source_model_full_logic_tree.xml


If you use the EMME14 input files, please reference:
L. Danciu, K. Sesetyan, M. Demircioglu, M. Erdik and D. Giardini (2016): OpenQuake input files of the Seismogenic Source Model of the 2014 Earthquake Model of the Middle East (EMME-Project), doi:10.12686/a3

Pagani M, Monelli D, Weatherill G, Danciu L, Crowley H, Silva V, Henshaw P, Butler L et al (2014) OpenQuake Engine: An Open Hazard (and Risk) Software for the Global Earthquake Model, SRL 85 (3), doi: