EMME14 - Seismogenic Sources


For the preparation of the community-based seismic hazard model for Middle East and Caucasus the following  harmonized inputs and data base were developed.  

  • EMME14 earthquake catalogue (The historical catalogue includes more than 2,000 records for the time period 2000 BC to 1899. The instrumental catalogue covering the time period from 1900 to 2010 includes 6,102 records with Mw >=5 )
  • EMME14 neo-tectonic model (A digital active tectonic map of the Middle East region has been generated. A total of 3,397 active fault sections are defined and faults with a total length of 91,551 km have been parameterized.)
  • EMME14 area, fault source and background models
  • Ground Motion Prediction Equations (GMPEs) and logic tree. A comprehensive regional strong motion dataset was compiled. Testing methods were used in ranking the candidate GMPEs and to select the final set for the logic-tree application in regional seismic hazard estimates.

Seismogenic Source Model

The source model consists of two seismogenic source models representing different seismic source typologies, an area source model and a joint fault sources with spatially smoothed seismicity. To account for inherent uncertainties, both epistemic and aleatory, these source models are linked in a logic tree framework.