ESHM20 – Ground Motion Data and Model

ESHM20 Ground Motion Model (GMM)

For ESHM20 a regionally adjustable backbone Ground Motion Model (GMM) was developed to capture the ground motion variability for four main seismo-tectonic settings: shallow crust, volcanic, craton, subduction and deep sources. The backbone GMM logic tree for shallow crustal seismicity leverages heavily on the large volume of information in the Engineering Strong Motion (ESM) flatfile (Lanzano et al., 2019). The general framework to develop the backbone model is documented in various publications (Weatherill et al., 2018, 2020a, b; Kotha et al., 2020)

ESHM20 - illustration of the ground motion core backbone model (left) and spatial distribution of stations and recorded earthquakes (right).


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