EC8 Elastic Design Spectra

EC8 Elastic Design Spectra

In order to allow the comparison of the hazard spectrum (in acceleration or velocity) predicted by a hazard model to the Eurocode 8 design spectra, we provide a service to retrieve the design spectra (spectral acceleration or spectral velocity) for a given peak ground acceleration.

Calculations are done after Dogangün Adem, Ramazan Livaoglu (2006): A comparative study of the design spectra defined by Eurocode 8, UBC, IBC and Turkish Earthquake Code on R/C sample buildings. Journal of Seismology 10, pp 335-351.

User query

Provide the EC8 design spectrum for a given peak ground acceleration and event type (earthquakes with magnitude smaller than 5.5, or larger

Request format

[base-url]/ design-spectra/design_spectra_elastic_ec? lon=[longitude]&lat=[latitude]&spectratype=[smallmag|bigmag]&imt=[SV|SA]&design-acceleration=[acceleration]

Request example

Response example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="true"?>

<ns2:nrml xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:ns4="" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:ns2="">

<ns2:hazardResult ns1:id="gml_id_79">


          <ns2:hazardProcessing investigationTimeSpan="1.0" IDmodel="Elastic design spectra EC8, M < 5.5 (Type II), [m/s]" saDamping="0.05"/>


     <ns2:hazardSpectraField ns1:id="gml_id_80" PoE="0.2">


               0.0 0.03 0.05 0.1 0.18 0.25 0.44 0.63 0.82 1.01 1.2 1.76 2.32 2.6 3.16 3.72 4.0


          <ns2:HSNode ns1:id="gml_id_81">


                    <ns1:Point srsName="4326">


                              7.6 42.5




               <ns2:hazardSpectrum investigationTimeSpan="1.0" PoE="0.2">

                    <ns2:IML IMT="SV">

                         0.0 1.814E-4  3.979E-4 7.958E-4 0.001432  0.001989  0.001989 0.001989  0.001989  0.001989  0.001989  0.001356  0.001029  9.182E-4 7.555E-4 6.418E-4 5.968E-4