ESHM20 – Active Faults and Subduction Sources

European Fault-Source Model 2020 (EFSM20)

The European Fault-Source Model 2020 (EFSM20) was developed as an update of the European Database of Seismogenic Faults 2013 (EDSF13). For this update, we considered primarily the compilations that covered with a consistent approach significantly large regions, relying on the work of the authors of each compilation for the accuracy and recentness of the information. In EFSM20, two main categories of seismogenic faults are considered: 1) crustal faults, and 2) subduction zones.

The model covers an area encompassing a buffer of 300 km around all target European countries (except for Overseas Countries and Territories, OTCs) and a maximum of 300 km depth for slabs.

Map of collated fault datasets for developing the European Fault-Source Model 2020 (EFSM20). See text for the descriptions of the various datasets. From west to east, the subduction systems are: Gibraltar Arc (GiA); Calabrian Arc (CaA); Hellenic Arc (HeA); and Cyprus Arc (CyA).

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Basili R., Danciu L., Carafa M.M.C, Kastelic V., Maesano F. E., M. M. Tiberti, R. Vallone, E. Gracia, K. Sesetyan, J. Atanackov, B. Sket-Motnikar, P. Zupančič, K. Vanneste, and S. Vilanova Insights on the European Fault-Source Model (EFSM20) as input to the 2020 update of the European Seismic Hazard Model (ESHM20)

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